Real Benefits from using this Program!

You can ... by LEARNING how to combine the science of RELAXATION with Training SKILLS so that you CAN develop the ability to REDUCE and possibly eliminate NEGATIVE STRESS & TENSION from your LIFE?

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all these things.

Let me explain!

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

We've created this program to give us an opportunity to reach more people with this life altering set of core skills.

With the Relaxation By the Numbers program you get all the resources you would in working directly with us but you get them in a self-directed, self-administered, self-coaching program that is based on our real life coaching practice.

If you were to work directly with us you would require up to 12 sessions, not to mention the associated expenses of travel and time away from work.

As experts in the fields of relaxation and stress management our consulting and coaching services are expensive. This program contains over 30 years of applied practice and refinement and is now available to you at a fraction of the cost of coming to our offices in-person.

You get access to all the NECESSARY TOOLS and Information to ensure you LEARN the SKILLS of RELAXING

Take action right now to immediately begin taking control over the stress and pressure in your life

I honestly believe this program will change your life. I know that giving you the skills to relax will improve every aspect of your life whether at work with family in the presence of friends and with your significant other.

I want you to become part of our community. As an added value I will enroll you for free for life into the members' only Project Relaxation portal.

This is a premium membership site with the latest advancements in relaxation, stress management and wellness for living an amazing life. In the Project Relaxation portal you will have access to:

You simply cannot lose with our 100% money back guarantee

We stand by this program and know it works. We offer complete satisfaction with the Relaxation By The Numbers program because we know if you do the exercises and track your results you will learn the skills of relaxation.
If, for some reason or no reason at all, after completing the program and doing the training, you do not receive the benefits we've listed or you just do not feel it has helped you, just send us a note and we'll gladly refund your purchase price....

You can decide that later. Just buy it today and start self-coaching your way towards learning the skills of Relaxing. Take a full 60 days to work with the materials and to go through the exercises. Really use the information we are providing for you. Apply it. Think about it. Most importantly just go with the flow.

Experience how much better you feel. Learn the skills of relaxing. Try your newly learned skills out in work situations or at home. Then, if you are not happy, simply drop us a note and we will be happy to provide you with a full refund. We are that certain this will make a difference in your life that if you are not fully and completely satisfied we don't want your money. We are building a community of people wanting to make change in their lives and those they interact with.

The truth is we only want extremely happy customers so that you spread the word about how fantastic this program really is.

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Proven time-tested training and strategies

In this letter I will be sharing with you the proven, time tested, simple to apply techniques and strategies that will let you learn the SKILLS of relaxing and use them for improving your PERFORMANCE at work, at play, and everywhere in between.

So why believe me?

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy.
Let me give you three good reasons why I can back up what I claim:

Simple and easy to follow coaching sessions

You will learn the skills of relaxation that you can use immediately

Audio instruction on how to learn the skill of relaxation

Gain skills to relax on demand even under stressful situations

Easily track your own progress daily
Objectively measure how well you progress each day
Know how to control yourself under pressure

Your new skills will raise your personal performance level beyond your current limits

Perform more effectively at work

Perform consistently, with discipline and emotional control and reduce stress reactions at work

Develop and access untapped potential

Achieve greater balance and increased positivity in your life

Rewards and loyalty offers only available to members

Members only newsletter , Projectrelaxation News

Free updates to our premium course offering Relaxation by the Numbers

New tools and technologies

The latest research and developments in relaxation and performance

Early access to advanced certifications and trainings

Numerous free resources available only to members

Think about the feeling of knowing that you can now have the skills to tackle any challenge at work with confidence, assertiveness and total control!
Imagine how great you are going to feel with just a few hours of targeted and directed relaxation skills training.
Remember you have nothing to lose except your stress! We want you to be happy and more importantly, skilled at relaxing when you need it most.
To your success,

Richard Kercz, Ed.D.



Relaxation By The Numbers Step-By-Step Training Guide e-book Manual (in Modular format)

Relaxation By The Numbers Progress Tracking Packs (PDF download)

Relaxation By The Numbers Instruction Audio Tracks (on-line player)

Relaxation By The Numbers Training Audio Tracks (on-line player and/or mp3 download)

A professional grade Digital Thermometer . To accurately track hand skin temperature (delivered directly to your door)

A roll of Micropore© tape (delivered directly to your door)

A set of colour coded file dots (delivered directly to your door)

A 'Remember to Breathe' sign (suitable for colour printing) (PDF download)

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